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We Will Bonk Heads Until We See Each Other
By Nasser Abufarha

Alternative Palestinian Agenda

June 3, 2001

Dear all,

Israelis will not be pushed into the sea, nor will Palestinians be buried in the sand. We will bonk heads until we see each other.

We, the Palestinians, recognize that after 50 years of an Israeli presence in Palestine, the current sociopolitical composition of historic Palestine represents two main ethnicities, Palestinian and Israeli. This recognition requires us to respond to the needs, concerns, and human rights of all peoples who live in Palestine, regardless of their ethnicity.

We advocate to our people to draw a distinction between holding the Israelis accountable for their actions and not confuse that with holding Israelis hostage to their history.

Will you, the Israeli, recognize me, the Palestinian, for what I am and not for what you want me to be? I recognize your right to be Israeli, your right to cultural and national expression, your democratic and full human rights, your right to be integrated and accepted among the peoples of the region. Will you recognize my national rights to Palestine, my full civil and human rights in Palestine, my right to live and enjoy all that life has to offer at home? That is the question.

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