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November 2002 Workshop


Palestinian Strategy Workshop
November 18 - 22, 2002

Engaged intellectuals and grassroots leaders convened this week in Madison to discuss Palestinian strategy to move beyond the current deadlock and address the Palestinian concerns and challenges and develop alternative visions for resolution.

The workshop included Palestinians from the West Bank, Gaza, Israel, Jerusalem, Jordan, and the Palestinian community in Europe and the US.

The following Working Papers were included in the discussion:

As'ad Ghanem:
The Binational Idea in Palestine and Israel: Historical Roots and Contemporary Debate

Nasser Abufarha:
Alternative Configuration in Palestine-Israel
Alternative Territorial Configuration in Palestine-Israel
Implementing the Right of Return, Detailed Plan

Mahmoud Issa:
Resisting Oblivion: Historiographic Presentation of a Palestinian Demolished Village

Ismael Abu-Saad:
The Palestinian Bedouin Arabs in Israel: Historical Experience and Development Needs for the Future

Raja Aghbariyeh:
The Arab Parliament Project in Israel, Self-Autonomy for the Palestinians in Israel

Said Zeedani:


Abla Abu Elbeh:
Review of Palestinian Civil Society Institutions

Christa Bruhn:
Higher Education, Civil Society, and the State in Palestine

Abdul Jawad Saleh:
The Palestinian Non-Violent Resistance Movement

The workshop wrapped up with a reception on Friday night during which participating members shared their impressions with members of the Palestinian community, the Madison community and student activists.

Concluding remarks by Nasser Abufarha

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